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So, it wouldn't be fair to fault you for feeling small in her presence. (Not to mention the unfortunate stigma of "Well, they're family, so I can't say anything that makes them feel uncomfortable even if I feel uncomfortable.") But, if this IS a lifelong trauma, it's good to recognize it, so you can move forward from there. You're strong and living your life in the way that makes you happiest

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I was once engaged to a doctor. Her mom treated me like shit because I was a lowly CPA in her eyes. My fiancé never stood up for one. Made me feel terrible and unworthy. Honestly, your family sounds like a real treat. Your husband deserves better. Either be better or he will leave you.

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Your mother needs to apologise to him! WTF??? She is appalling. If my mother treated my husband like that? She'd be disowned. Your husband is amazing for putting up with her nasty shit. I'd have blown my stack.

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